Telemarketing software built to support your activities

SmileCRM has the following areas to help your business:

Lead Generation

Use scripted or unscripted calling patterns.

List Cleaning

Over 150 built in rules.

Appointment Setting

Integrate calendars to extend lead generation.


Build sophisticated surveys for your clients..

Lead Generation

Use our call scheduling engine or choose who to call.

Scripted or unscripted calling

Created from the call screens, notes, status and allocated sales person flow through to the lead. They can be:

  • Exported individually to Excel, Word or PDF formats with your logo and branding colours
  • Bulk exported for a whole campaign or customer for additional processing

Appointment Setting

Link Office365, Google or any system that publishes the iCalendar format.

Integrate calendars

Building on the lead area of the calls screens, choose the slot for an appointment and the sales person to make the appointment appear in the calendar for this person. Existing appointments are shown as "taken" slots. For additional sophistication:

  • Link a calendar to SmileCRM
  • Add additional tasks to support the sale

List Cleaning

Create campaigns specifically for data that is missing or needs to be confirmed.

150 built in rules

Add sophisticated rules to campaigns to confirm if a value is present in a specific field for a contact. Optionally, change contact details "in-flight" through the standard call screens. Single button access to view the following areas:

  • Companies House
  • Google search
  • Google map


Use our engine to perform market research or client surveys.

Build sophisticated client surveys

Create surveys for your customers, which integrate into the familiar call shell for your operators. Up to date statistics for both the call progress as well as the survey results are available within a a few clicks. Choose from the following question types:

  • Drop down lists
  • Check/Radio buttons
  • Simple text, dates or numbers
  • Sliders

Enquiries and Reports

Leads, Lists, Teams, Operators or Campaign information are just a few clicks away.

Portal Pages

Each security role has a page.

Campaign Statistics

Leads, Calls, Call backs and NFA.

Reports and Enquiries

Team, operator or campaign.

Importing and Exporting Data

Lists, leads and statistics.

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