Curious about how our pay-per-use pricing works?


Per user logged in per day

Our pricing is simple:

  • 1 GBP for distinct staff logins per day
  • No login no charge
  • Usage invoiced weekly in arrears
  • Built in Direct Debit integration for easy payment
  • Example: 1 user logs in 5 times on Monday with no further login that week, total invoice charge is 1 GBP plus tax

Are there any hidden extras?

No, all of the following is included:

  • Email and telephone support
  • Train one member of staff (train the trainer)
  • Access to video library through the application
  • Data take-on
  • Remote desktop support using TeamViewer


Save Money

No login no charge

Free Support

Email and telephone support

Data take-on

Help with data take-on