Did you know that compliance covers more than General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

SmileCRM supports your obligations under the GDPR:

  • Record "Access" requests and allow print of details
  • Manage "Removal" requests for both controller and processor
  • Implements data retention policies to archive data
  • Record the lawful basis for the campaign
  • Automatically start removal request through call screens
  • Records channels and categories of access

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TPS and more

Beyond the GDPR SmileCRM helps in the following areas:

  • Import TPS information against contact/company
  • Warns when TPS checking is needed for a list
  • Call screen warning if number is on TPS/CTPS register
  • Allows separate import of TPS information
  • Automatically records TPS information from call screen
  • Separate "Do not call" list
  • Warns when purchased lists are about to expire

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New legislation


Existing legislation


Management of list licenses