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Is your business about calling people to generate leads, appointments or complete surveys ?

Qualify opportunities

SmileCRM has four ways opportunities can be qualified:

  • Run the calls using a script, highlighting when a call has passed the opportunity threshold
  • Use our specialised Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale (BANT) screen
  • Attach questions using "Extras" for operators to complete
  • Specify criteria in the operator guidance

Appointment setting

SmileCRM has sophisticated appointment setting that allows:

  • Sales person can be assigned manually, automatically or by sales region
  • Cross sell to another customer brand
  • Set up calendar reminder for operator to confirm attendance
  • Link to external calendar to show busy time

Easy to build surveys or scripts

Create surveys for your customers, which integrate into the familiar call shell for your operators. Up to date statistics for both the call progress as well as the survey results are available within a a few clicks. Choose from the following question types:

  • Drop down lists
  • Checkbox/Radio button
  • Simple text, dates or numbers
  • Database linked questions to update contact details, GDPR and more

Integrated into the script builder are pre-built questions and answers to make your life easy!

Link emails into your campaign

Automatically send out an email for RFI requests or any other call back/NFA reason codes, directly from the call screens.

Schedule sending of "drip feed" emails based on calling record status.

SmileCRM can absorb the reply directly into the software, so no need to look at another email account. Email activity can update the calling record based on:

  • Email replied to
  • Link clicked
  • Email opened
  • Other none delivery reasons

Flexible reporting

Use our flexible reporting area for:

  • Use 'templates' to build sophisticated graphical reports
  • Schedule reports for daily, weekly or monthly runs
  • Assign staff or customers to receive the report
  • Allow 'self service' for staff or customers
  • Send to customer as email or through their login 'portal page'
  • Standard campaign or historic "point in time" information
  • Lists of data or pivot grids
  • Use this area for both customer and team reporting
  • Build your own data sets

Specific data cleaning screen

Add sophisticated rules to campaigns to confirm if a value is present in a specific field for a contact. Optionally, change contact details "in-flight" through the standard call screens.

Rules can be used for

  • Values missing from a contact
  • Confirm a value is present
  • Confirm not just a value is present but it has been checked
  • Deduplication
  • Previously removed as NFA or GDPR


SmileCRM integrates into a number of external areas:

  • Any VOIP/Telephony solution that supports web "click to dial" will work with SmileCRM
  • Integrate either your website or your clients website directly into calling campaigns
  • Get free/busy information directly from a Gmail/Office365 calendar
  • Automatically email leads and reports to your staff or clients
  • Direct integration for email transactions
  • Live checking of C/TPS register
  • Zapier API to integrate into external systems

Campaign Statistics

Detailed analysis of campaign statistics is available.

Customer analysis

Use pivot grids to analyse customer statistics.

Portal Pages

Each security role has a specific page targeting them

Embedded KPI's

Occupancy, penetration, reach and more built in.

Daily operations

Operator, campaign or use daily pivot grid.

Exporting Data

Lists, leads and statistics all can be exported to Excel.