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Fear, loathing and transparency

When I speak to people who are looking to market their products, telemarketing usually gets a sharp intake of breath quickly followed by mutterings about "no clue what they are paying for". Yet telemarking can yield phenomenal results so why is there such loathing of telemarketing?

Part of the problems people have with telemarketing stems from the call at 8pm where there is just silence at the end of the line until an operator is assigned to the call. But telemarketing for the B2B market is vastly different, by enlarge, run by very professional companies with some really talented people. So why are companies afraid of using a telemarketing company?

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The death of robot diallers ?

As the information age took hold, automatic calling of numbers saved people manually dialling hundreds of numbers each day.

For the b2c market this also had the added advantage that if people were not home then operators could be fed only "live" calls.

For the b2b market the advantage of this type of dialler is eroded as people usually answer the phone!

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