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Do you have flexible staffing needs, but don't want to pay for licenses that are only needed occasionally?


SmileCRM helps you scale up or down your business quickly:

  • Only pay for users who login
  • No installation needed, SmileCRM is cloud based
  • Short learning curve for operators/diallers
  • Extensive help built into system
  • Telephone and email support

Evolve your business

SmileCRM can grow with your requirements:

  • Change staff access to SmileCRM based on security roles
  • Add staff to campaigns to increase throughput
  • Use call back pool for multiple operators on a campaign
  • Separate staff into teams for more granular reporting
  • Assign grades for better costing
  • Link external calendar information
  • Send RFI directly from call screens to improve efficiency
  • Use drip feed emails to warm up contact before call.

Learning curve

New operators can be quickly up and running

No limits

No limits to the number of lists, customers or campaigns

No hidden charges

Only pay for staff logins, nothing else.