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Calling Options


Nature of Campaign

There is no such thing as a simple "lets just call" which is why SmileCRM has a number of options to suit your needs. Not only can you choose to run a campaign to generate leads or appointments, but run surveys, clean records or even link the results of a research campaign to a lead generation campaign. You can get even more sophisticated by assigning a lead scoring template and letting the operator call the best scoring contacts first!


Appointment Setting

At the core of most campaigns is appointment setting. Within SmileCRM you can link a contact's Office365 or Gmail calendar to SmileCRM and therefore allow the caller to see this when booking an appointment. Depending on how you want your process to work, the appointment booking can automatically send out the lead sheet to the customer or be pushed through quality control for approval.


Scheduling Calls

Which call the caller makes next is a key question in both a telemarketing and account building environment. Within SmileCRM we offer both a "search and select" type of environment for those people who prefer to see their calls for the day and choose which contact to call, as well as automated "serve up the next record" based on our scheduling engine. Beyond the usual call back churn, special "priority" call backs can be assigned which links to the callers diary and more to highlight these "specials".



In todays market, it is becoming increasingly rare that a telemarketing campaign is run without an email component. We have transactional emails built into the operator calling screens to allow both ad hoc and templated emails to be sent out. There is deep integration from the email response into SmileCRM for replies, opens, clicks and more that allow the calling schedule to be affected. If you prefer to use you own 3rd party email broadcaster, then you can import the responses into SmileCRM to have the same affect. Of course we have more in this area, as you can schedule email broadcasts to warm up the contact and "drip feed" follow up emails if they have not been contacted.



Customer satisfaction surveys, or research questionnaires, don’t normally fit very well into a standard calling campaign. To support this we two alternative methods to construct these rote question/answers and to be used within a calling environment.