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Customer Login

Trust is built with your clients through many things, but giving them direct access to the leads, enquiries, and historic data would certainly be a good start. Within SmileCRM you can configure how much access is right for each client where some can have access to change their brand details or even create sales people records, others could only access their approved leads.


Automatic Opportunity Distribution

Leads can become stale very quickly if not acted upon. SmileCRM allows you to send a templated branded opportunities sheet automatically to your client primary contact or the assigned sales person. Of course you do not have to compromise on the quality of these opportunities as this is integrated into our quality control area so only approved leads are sent automatically.


Automatic Report Distribution

While your customer could login and use the enquiries to see progress, our custom reporting area can automatically send reports on a schedule. Within this area you can get usual list of information sent to the client, but what is unique to SmileCRM is that you can build an "Excel report" with histograms, pie charts and more to be automatically sent to your client.


Sales Board

Visibility isn't just for your customers! We have a special login which is designed to present data on a big screen. Key metrics are automatically updated every minute to show contact, quality, reach and more. This can be shown at an organisation, team, group or individual level.


Extensive Enquiries

To aid operational understanding we have a lot on standard enquiries built into the system. Authorised people can see the activity an operator has made, this information summarised to a day or further summarised to the campaigns level. If this data is not enough then we have enquiries based on "Excel pivot grid" technology where you can "roll your own". Of course we have the ability to "roll your own" built into our reporting area too!