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As part of our 'opening' SmileCRM to the wider processes you might use, we have a Zapier API. On the outbound side, you can link SmileCRM opportunities to HubSpot, Salesforce, Dynamics, Quickbooks or more generally any system in the Zapier ecosystem. We can also absorb data on the inbound side, so if you have a LinkedIn or Facebook campaign then we can automatically bring this data directly into SmileCRM and create calling record.



While SmileCRM is software for telemarketing, email is becoming increasingly used for both warm up (broadcast) emails as well as transactional emails for requests for information or similar. We have deep integration into SendGrid to allow broadcast, transactional and ad-hoc emails to be sent from SmileCRM. Beyond this response, clicks and more can be absorbed into the contact record and affect when it is called next. If you don't want to use SendGrid but still want to absorb clicks et al, then we have an import function that takes emails in Excel format which allows the same type of rescheduling and logging of email activities.



When setting appointments it is vital to have some form of access to a persons calendar information. SmileCRM can integrate into Office365 and Gmail via a piece of technology called ICS (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling). All you need is for the contact to share the link to their calendar in ICS format and SmileCRM can download this on a regular basis. If this is not possible, we can also import free/busy time via an Excel.



We have partnered with 121prodata to provide our C/TPS checking against the register. Within this area you can check data as its imported, every 28 days or on the call screen. Note that we have a special way of closing calls that will pass the telephone number to an internal 'do not call' list. This 'blacklist' can be used to exclude records from campaigns.


Address Checking

To help with validating national and international addresses, we have partnered with Loqate (formally PostcodeAnywhere) to allow records to be checked in bulk or to find a specific address based on the country and details the operator can enter. As we have absorbed this into our data quality area, you don't need to send the list to a 3rd party for cleansing, so reducing your elapsed time in the process.



Within SmileCRM we can send out a text to the sales person assigned to the lead, which contains an embedded (short) link to a page on SmileCRM with the details. These texts can be sent out both at lead creation, subject to the lead having completed its journey through quality control, or one day before the appointment as a reminder.