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Quality Control


Mandatory Fields

If the caller has not filled in all the necessary information, opportunities may not be passed on in a timely manner to your customer causing issues for them and eroding your customer satisfaction. SmileCRM allows you to define which standard fields (such as address, mobile, email) are mandatory for each customer as well as any "user defined special" information captured through our "profiles" area. Calls will be prevented from being converted unless this information is present.


Opportunity Approval

Even if all required information is present, a converted call may not be truly an opportunity. Built into SmileCRM we have a quality control area where opportunities can be reviewed before passing onto the client. If they don't fully qualify you can push them back into calling, close or even delete the opportunity. Once approved through quality control, the opportunity will be either sent via an email, available on the customer portal or both depending on how you want your process to work.


Data Quarantine

We also allow data to be quarantined as its coming into the system. This designed for situations where you are not sure if the customers data is clean enough to push through into a calling campaign. In this area you can review what percentage of records have different types of data (e.g. what percentage of records have a town) or look at a selection of records. if the data is good, it can be released into a calling campaign. Alternatively, it can be pushed through a cleaning campaign, use our integrated address cleaning or deleted.


Bulk Update

While callers can update each record being called, invariably there will come a time when an administrator wants to update records in bulk. To aid this, we allow an Excel to be upload with the changes and only the fields in the Excel will be changed.